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    Out now ! The first ever peer-review of global study of plastic production, shows that since the first plastics were produced in the 1950’s.

    63 billion tons have become plastic waste.Of this only 9% has been recycled.12% has been incinerated (you get great air from that).

    79% has ended up as landfill rubbish,poisoning our soils,in part making its way to our oceans.


    Fast Pace with Little Regards!

    As we are caught up everyday with the pace of modern life. Few of us stop for a minute, to think about the amount of over packaged goods wrapped ,that plastic straws we could refuse,that plastic pump water bottle,that 12 minute life span of the plastic bag we just accepted,then trashed.

    If all the non recyclable packaging and plastic packaged objects you accepted over a period of one week,were dumped in your back yard at home.You might just have some thought ‘ I can do without a lot of this instant refuge stuff ‘ .

    We are caught up,in such a hurry to the next moment,that we rarely stop for a few minutes and say ‘ Jesus ‘ I’m a serious consumer contributing to plastic pollution that never really goes away.

    Consumers needs to change there habits . Business need to change there habits. Disposable plastics are swamping us,we are polluting faster than ever today.Each and everyone of us contains plastic residue within our bodies. Its official now.

    Maybe next time your paying for that purchase. Think about a world that was , was without the need to have every little article or food product smothered with ‘ plastic ‘ .