Reducing Waste



On Wednesday 28th March 2007 san Fancisco's city council voted in favour to ban plastic bags from large supermarkets making it the first US city to encourage consumers to use alternatives and promote recycling. These countries are now also discouraging the use of plastic bags or placing a ban/tax or a charge for bags.. Denmark,Switzerland,Rwanda,Botswana S.Africa.,Singapore,Bangladesh,Taiwan,Ireland. The environmental impact of plastic bags is an estimated 500 billion to one trillion plastic bags used worldwide every year.Up to 3 per of these ends up in rubbish outside landfills.

Plastic bags > Kill at least 100,000 birds, whales,seals,and turtles every year,either by entanglement or ingestion.
Plastic bags > Block drains and trap birds,Grazing livestock may accidentally ingest the bags.
Plastic bags > make up for 47 per cent of windborne litter escaping from landfills.

We would ask you to consider doing your bit for nature by REDUCING - REUSING - RECYCLING and inquiring about a NZBAGIT® product for your carry bag purpose.
News headlines now are fortunately declaring that retailers everywhere are stepping up their efforts to reduce the use of heavy extruded white and clear film plastic bags.

Even here in NZ we use about one billion plastic bags a year. Progressive ( Foodtown) and Foodstuff (Pak'n Save, New World) supermarkets are already utilising environmental reuseable shopping bags for consumers,reducing their plastic carry bag use. LONDON - Shoppers everywhere are furious about the level of packaging on everyday food.An institute of grocery distribution poll suggests manufacturers and retailers,who reduce plastic wrappers,are very much likely to improve their reputation with customers.The one thousand shoppers surveyed in London said they were embarrassed by the quantity of rubbish they threw away after shopping,whether it was from food items or otherwise . Essentially this adds up to basically 3.3 million tonnes annually of packaging stuff being dumped in the U.K alone !.

We can all participate and encourage actions REDUCING - REUSING - RECYCLING - our bags are not the total answer.. but we are definitely part of the solution !