Nylon’s strength to weight ratio, thinness and compressibility make it ideal for situations where space is at a premium. 

On the boat, in a glovebox, for the golf bag, even the handbag, nylon bags offer a great combination of fexibility of design, lightness, and durability. 

Nylon is also the most adaptable of common bag materials. You will see Nylon bags for everything from tiny jewellery bags to one metre square carry bags for sports equipment.

As a promotional bag, nylon combines this great flexibility with excellent printability and long life ,so you can achieve the bag of your dreams.

Nylon is a synthetic polyamide which is similar to organic materials like the proteins that make wool and silk. Polyamides are commonly used in textiles, automotives, carpet and sportswear due to their extreme durability and strength.

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Nylon Bag

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Nylon Bag

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